Our Story

If there are only three words you remember when you Remember Goliad, remember history, purity, and passion. We are a small family owned brewery with a passion for making fantastic craft beers. Our brewery is nestled on about 50 acres just north of town amongst the shade of South Texas oaks. Our water is brought up from 400 feet below sea level with an excellent mineralization for brewing, in fact 60% of the water we brew with is used straight from the well. The brewery grounds are well suited for a full day of activity with three ponds, a pecan orchard, lots of great trees, and wildlife. We look forward to having a pint with you in our beer garden very soon.

Perseverance and a shared dream

About 10 years ago Stefan began home brewing his first batches of beer, they were terrible. He kept asking himself “What did I do wrong?”. After a couple of years of passionate research, his beer became great. At the same time Mark worked on a keg delivery truck peddling beer. He had craft beers start showing up on his truck and asked himself “How do I sell this?” Mark began passionately studying beer styles and home brewing, and after a couple of years became well versed in craft beer. Another group began their dream. Five years ago Stefan became a head brewer and got to learn from several medalists in brewing and Mark became a sales manager with a family craft beer distributor. And the group began putting their plans in motion. All these roads converged about three years ago, the chemistry was there, this was to be a great brewery. Stefan packed his bags and moved to Goliad to assemble an arsenal of great beers and Mark began marketing Goliad to everyone he could get an ear from. Today Stefan and Mark work together to bring you delicious, expertly brewed, quaff-able craft beers.

The story behind our name and logo

When we think about Goliad, we think about Texas independence. We think about the men that gave their lives in the Goliad Massacre. We think about the Battle of Goliad. We think about the Battle of San Jacinto where the outcry rang, “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” Goliad has always had a special place in the heart of every Texan. That’s why our logo includes a Texan banner that was unfurled Dec. 20, 1835 at the signing of the declaration of independence of Texas from Santa Anna’s regime. The expression that goes with this banner is one that describes the attitude of Texans all over.

“I would rather cut off my right arm, than live under tyranny!”

Goliad Brewery Label Texas Logo